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Wild Meadow - Wild life

Sunday 9th June, 2019


On Sunday 9th June, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lyle Skyrme will host a garden event at their home, Broadward Hall, Clungunford,SY7 0QA, with proceeds going to the Conservation Trust for St. Laurence, Ludlow. 


“Wild Meadow - Wild Life” will begin at 2:00pm. There will be three speakers, Professor Michael Robinson, his wife Dr. Ann Robinson and Mr. Mike Kelly.




Over a period of some 20 years, the Robinsons created and nurtured a wild flower meadow at their home in Monmouthshire. Ladies Smocks, bluebells  and orchids along with many other species thrive in the Northridge Meadows. The talk will be illustrated with photographs from Northridge Meadows - a registered Wildlife Site - which will open to the public on 16th June.


Mike Kelly is a Natural Environmental Officer with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team in Craven Arms. One of his interests is the River Clun, one of only three rivers in England designated to be a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest, as is the Broadward Estate itself. The River Clun runs through the Broadward Estate and is home to rare and vulnerable wildlife, such as otters, water voles, kingfishers, dippers, white-clawed crayfish and freshwater pearl mussels. Following his talk, Mike will guide a walk along the river bank for those wishing to join him.

The ticket price of £20 per person includes a cream tea, plant stall and book sale.To save costs, tickets will not be issued. Attendees will be contacted by email or phone by way of confirmation.


Kindly send a cheque for £20 per person, together with your telephone number and/or email address, to Carole Dixon, Walford Grange, Walford, SY7 0JT; cheques should be made payable to ‘CTSLL’.