Open Art Exhibition at The Artists' Gallery

This autumn 'The Artists' Gallery', a cooperatively run gallery space near the Ludlow Farmshop in Bromfield, Ludlow, will open its doors to a wide range of local artists and creative practitioners in a three-week showcase.

**Temporaily postponed due to lockdown V2. New dates to be added, watch this space**

As with many small businesses, creative arts practitioners have been hit hard by the effects of Covid-19 and the knock-on effect that has had on the economy. Some artists have suffered the crippling loss of a years worth of events. Where temporary exhibitions, showcases and fairs are their only retail outlet, many creative practitioners find themselves without a 'shopfront' for their work.

Historically the eight permanent members of  The Artists' Gallery have supported other creative businesses by offering weekend 'pop-up 'events in their large warehouse space adjacent to the main gallery. These Open Art Days have been a way of enabling a wide range of artisans to have an affordable showcase for their work. Facilitating them in presenting it to the public in a 'meet the maker' setting. The cooperative group now seek to offer a longer-term exhibiting solution in a specially curated event spanning the three busiest shopping weeks of the year – from the 31st of October until the 22nd of November.

As the event is focused around supporting local makers, the event is not for profit and the entry fees for the event will be used in promotion and building the infrastructure to make the event look and feel like a large gallery space. Businesses have needed to think laterally with the unexpected effects of the virus and the safety of both artists and visitors to the event is paramount. The gallery will adhere to its normal stringent cleaning policies and visitor numbers will be capped with a rolling rota of the visiting artists being available at the gallery on set days to minimise the number of people at the event, a one-way system will also be in place.

The eight members of the gallery hope the event will provide a footing for other businesses who have lost their income streams due to the virus and help kickstart customer spending in the creative arts sector in the area.

For more information please take a look at The Artists Gallery website:


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