Walkers Are Welcome

'Walkers are Welcome' here in Ludlow, and walkers of all abilities are spoilt for choice in and around Ludlow. There's something for everyone.

For a gentle, slow walk, there are guided walking tours start outside the castle. To take in some of the town and the riverside, take our Just-For-Fun Treasure Hunt walk.

If you're looking for something dog-friendly, an ideal route to take is the Breadwalk (also part of our Just-For-Fun Treasure Hunt). It’s called The Bread Walk because the men who landscaped it were paid in bread rather than money to make sure their earnings did them and their families some good and weren't cashed in for beer on the way home!

You can access the footpath easily by crossing Dinham Bridge and turning left, or (to take The Bread Walk in the opposite direction) by entering via the stone steps on Whitcliffe Road. Whichever direction you travel, you'll see ducks, a pretty miniature waterfall surrounded by amazing green ferns and black rock, and a picture-postcard view
of Ludlow Castle towering high over Dinham Bridge.

You can also choose to climb up the steep wooded slopes towards the 53-acre Whitcliffe Common; here, you may see bluebells or deer, and. you're guaranteed to see fantastic views of Ludlow.

Ludlow is part of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) one of Britain’s finest landscapes, so if you're up to a walk further afield you're in for a treat. Head southwest and you can visit Mortimer Forest, an ancient woodland on the Herefordshire border that was once a royal hunting ground. The limestone here dates back 400 million years and it has been known for walkers to stumble upon the one of the creatures immortalised on The Bread Walk's fossil casts – the trilobite – for real. And if you really want to strap on your rucksacks and lace up your walking boots, you can follow the Vinnalls Loop and climb the High Vinnalls, which, at 248 metres, is one of
the tallest peaks surrounding Ludlow.

Still not satisfied? How about a 6-mile circular route from Castle Square to Bromfield and back? On this route, which crosses three rivers, you can follow in footsteps trod over 10 centuries ago by Saxon traders heading for nearby villages to barter and exchange goods.

Bromfield is also an ideal place to pause for lunch at The Clive Arms on the Ludlow Farm Shop site and a look at some charming period architecture before heading back to Ludlow.

Search Ludlow; at www.shropshiresgreatoutdoors.co.uk and you'll find not only 12 local walks of differing lengths in Ludlow and the surrounding countryside but also detailed maps and guides on how to find and follow them.


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