Dog Friendly Ludlow

Here in Ludlow we love our four legged friends and you will find the majority of Ludlow's businesses; tourist attractions, shops and eateries dog friendly.

...although they should probably come with a small warning that your dog will get well treated so may return from holiday a tad rounder than setting out!  Well, we do have a foodie reputation to maintain!

So if you are planning a visit to Ludlow with you canine companions, here's our top tips courtesy of a resident dog owner...

Keep your eyes peeled for the dog bowls dotted around outside the shops - that's usually a good clue that you and your dog will be permitted to browse in tandem - if in doubt just stick your head in and ask.

A visit to Ludlow Castle is a must, and pooch can explore with you. Once you've soaked up the history inside, you can walk around the external walls and take the path down to the river. A stop at CSons for coffee & a cinnamon bun is my preference whilst doggo has a swim in the river. There is a takeaway window plus dogs are allowed inside if you want to stop for a longer break; best to book if you want to do the latter.

From here cross the bridge, turn left and either walk along the river or take the steps up to the top Whitcliffe Common. This the vantage point from where most of the pictures of Ludlow and the Castle etc you will have seen have been snapped from.

You can either do loop round or go one way and pop out t'other side on Ludford Bridge, go past the Charlton Arms (dogs allowed in the bar & on the terrace) and back up Lower Broad Street under the Broad Gate - the last remaining gate in Ludlow.

Should you wish to immerse yourself further in this history a town tour with Roger Furniss is brilliant way to do, he makes it all so much fun and will even dress up if requested!

Once you've worked up an appetite with all the walking, you'll need a spot for a bite to eat- the tables outside Bill's & Aragons are pet friendly, as are most of the pubs, personally I like The Blue Boar, The Queens and Church Inn - all serve good quality 'pub grub' with an emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients. Dogs allowed inside & out.

Ludlow Brewery is also a great spot to stop with your hound. Enjoy a drop of local beer brewed on the premises. You can also enjoy a tour of the works - but pup will need to stay in the tap room.

If you're looking for a hotel environment to stay in Fishmore Hotel is worth a peek - the humans can have a pamper session in the spa!  Also, The Clive Arms on the Ludlow Farmshop site has a selection of dog friendly rooms, and there's no need to leave fido in your room as dogs are welcome in the bar and dining areas, and if you visit Ludlow Farmshop next door, their butcher will give you some free bones for your dog – all you have to do is ask!  Your four legged friend will need to wait outside whilst you fetch their treat, but it will be worth it!  Plus you can pick up some  tasty human goodies at the same time!

There is a great walk to/from the farmshop site HERE and is well worth the mooch, and there is lots to see and do in the Bromfield area...including a beautiful dog friendly artist run gallery, and a well stocked plant centre - you can read more about that HERE.

For those that like the option to self-cater then take a peek at Aragon Cottage with its self contained courtyard, and the beautiful Pillar Box Farm Cottages who have the most amazing views into Ludlow which you can enjoy from the hot tub!  Our Touring Park also welcomes dogs and provides a fenced off dog walk on site. (maximum of two dogs per pitch) 

Article written by Jodie, co-owner eclectica of Ludlow



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